GENRE Drawing

At the Kickoff Event, each team leader will participate in a random drawing of the following genres:

01. Action / Adventure
02. Comedy
03. Dark Comedy
04. Detective / Cop
05. Drama
06. Fantasy
07. Horror
08. Musical
09. Mystery
10. Romance

11. School Film
12. Sci-Fi
13. Thriller / Suspense
14. Western
15. Animal Film
16. Buddy Film
17. Climate Film
18. Family Film
19. Fish Out of Water
20. Generation Gap

21. Documentary / Mockumentary
22. Period Piece
23. Road Film
24. Silent Film
25. Dance Film
26. Sports Film
27. Spy / Espionage
28. Vacation / Holiday Film
29. Experimental Film
30. Film Noir


Required Line

The required line of dialogue must be heard or seen – it may be written. It may be in a foreign language; however if it is not clear that this is the required line, it should be translated.

Required Character

The required character does not have to be the star, but we must actually see him/her on the screen. Name tags, etc. are not necessary so long as the audience can infer who he/she is.

Required Prop

The required prop must be seen, and it should be used in your film in some way.

Adherence to Assignment

Did you know judges base part of their scores on a film’s adherence to assignment? This refers to the genre and required elements.

Elements in Credits Do Not Count

The required elements below must appear in the story of your film. Use of the elements only in the end credits will NOT fulfill the requirement.


Character: Noah or Noel Kahn

Character Job: Headhunter

Line of Dialogue: “I was not expecting to see you like this.” or “I wasn’t expecting to see you like this.”

Prop: Salt shaker