The LI72 Film Fest is presented by Five Towns College.  Five Towns College is a creative learning community that develops in students the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to pursue careers in the performing arts, media and communications, business and industry, and the teaching professions. To further the College’s mission, it strives to foster good relations with the local arts community. This year, the College has decided to open up the LI72 Film Festival to High School students, hoping to encourage young filmmakers to get excited about the world of filmmaking and multimedia.


The LI72 Film Festival is a fun competition for young filmmakers and students of all backgrounds to challenge themselves creatively. In this festival, you will be given a genre, character, prop and line of dialogue that you must adhere to while creating a complete short film in a period of only 72 hours. This entails: writing an original script using the assigned elements, shooting, editing and delivery of the completed project. Find out exactly how it works.