Welcome to the Ll72! As a participant in this festival, you must follow all rules and guidelines presented on this site. Failure to do so could result in your film being disqualified from the festival. Be sure to read through each page carefully and direct any questions or concerns you may have via the contact form on this site.

  1. Registration is closed for this year. However if you would like to check out the festival, the screening and awards ceremony will be held on Friday November 8th @7PM in The Five Towns College Performing Arts Center. We hope to see you next year!
  2. If your team has already registered, your team leader or a representative of the team must attend the official Kick-Off meeting on Friday November 1st @5:30PM.
  3. At the Kick-Off meeting: you will randomly select a genre for your film out of a hat and then the rest of the elements will be revealed. Please arrive promptly, refreshments will be served before the genre selection begins.
  4. The competition officially begins at 6:30PM on Friday November 1st and officially ends at 5:30PM on Monday November 4th.