Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated.
We are proud to announce our winners for 2019:

Noah Khan, a normal young man, takes a trip beyond imagination.

Awards: Best Overall, Best Editing, Best Sound Design

Education: Five Towns College

Team Members: Greg Costa, Anthony DePola, Anthony Cimino, Anthony Sabino, Anthony Perry, Alex Gonzales-Mugaburu, Joel Weisstuch, George Csoban, Daniel Pombonyo and Christian Mendez

A band of cousins get together for the passing of their late grandmother, but there’s more than one death on the table…

Awards: Best Directing, Best Writing, Best Use of Character, Best Use of Prop

Education: Five Towns College

Team Members: Victoria Kolasinski, Alex Gaza, Lauren Corley, Alyssa Badenhoop, Sonny Mercado, Casey Sparacio and Jake Napolitano

A high school girl wants to play for the boys baseball team.

Awards: Best Acting, Best Use of Genre

Education: North Babylon High School Film Class

Team Members: Nicole Raymond, Maya Sepulveda, Kristopher King, Colin Rhein, Dan Ortiz, Ulises Siguenza, Saniya Powell, Rebecca Sadowski, Sean Arciniegas, Anna Noto, Chris Tinch, Jake Cosentino, Sophia Bonventre, Ellie Ganser, Malakye Sabina, David Guerra and Shaina Sanon

Joshua Bell, a freelance documentarian, attempts to bring about an understanding of the world we live in and break the myth of humans living in a simulation.

Awards: Best Cinematography, Audience Choice

Education: Five Towns College

Team Members: Jonathan Arevalo, Joseph Gutierrez, Dakota Nelson, Samantha Grodsky, Kathleen Weis and Nathaniel Cruz

An old washed-up detective comes in conflict when a new partner shows up on the scene of a deadly murder.

Awards: Best Acting, Best Use of Line

Education: Five Towns College

Team Members: John Silecchia, Eric Casey, Carissa Tricio, Antonio Bottigleri, Brittney Holbert, Jacob Casio, Kean Gross, John Burgio, Fletcher Ghram, Sean O’Brien, Gary Miceli, Vincent Gonzales, Cassidy MacNight, Matthias Campbell, Cindy Colon, Glenn McBride, Corri Molnar, Samantha Daniels and Jake Shinder